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Best Practice Facilities and Equipment Means Best Practice Service

Visit us and you’ll see straight away that we take things pretty seriously when it comes to our workplace. An organised and clean workplace means an efficient and effective business.

Front of Office
When you first come in to Onekawa Collision Repairs in Napier you will find a professionally presented reception area. You will also find this matches the front of office service provided.

We pride ourselves on friendly service and minimising the inconvenience of having your vehicle off the road. Our team give accurate quotes and we use a computerised quote management system to minimise stress to clients. Onekawa Collision Repairs have also become very adept at dealing with insurance companies. We can assist with claim forms and dealing with the claims process. We listen to your needs and go beyond your expectations to deliver exceptional service.

Our Hawkes Bay workshop facilities and equipment are continually updated to meet global and local manufacturers specifications.

Our Caroliner measuring systems and repair rigs operates to a tolerance of three millimeters, ensuring the chassis, subframe, and suspension points of a vehicle are reinstated back to manufacturers specifications. Electron spot welding as recommended by major vehicle manufacturers is used when replacement of welded panels is required. This ensures guaranteed strength, greatly reduced dissipated heat, a neat tidy weld and factory appearance in a shorter time with minimal sparking and safer for the operator.

While your car is in our care we ensure that it is stored in a secure locked compound in Onekawa, Napier. Our clients vehicles do not sit out on the street at night.

Paint Booths
Onekawa Collision Repairs’ paint booths are large enough to carter to trucks, buses, helicopters and plant Equipment. With “state of the art” paintbooths we can match and re-colour your vehicle to get it back to looking like new again. We use a computerised colour matching system for custom paintwork.

Envirobase Paint System
Onekawa Collision Repairs use the Envirobase Paint System which is a market leading airborne paint product and the latest in environmentally safe paints. Organic in substance, Envirobase paint also uses cutting edge pigments for unprecedented colour accuracy. When used to repair your vehicle, it reduces solvent emissions, resulting in cleaner air for our community.

Envirobase meets the strict standards set by your vehicle’s manufacturers to ensure that the value of your vehicle remains at its highest possible level.

Some other key points about Envirobase Paints:

  • Reduces paint times with fast paint coverage
  • Aligns with the original OE finish (almost 100% of late model cars are now painted basecoat/clearcoat)
  • Allows long-term durability of the repair
  • Requires less solvents, has better flow, transfers more paint onto the vehicle and allows faster more thorough drying with an overall better result
  • The high volume low pressure (H.V.L.P.) paint transfer system ensures not only a safer working environment for staff but less emissions and solvent waste with a flatter more natural paint finish and natural shine straight from the paint gun
  • A computerised and linked paint formulae assists us to mix and match the latest colours and provide access to international databases instantly for those imported colours not readily available

Re-Imaging and Re-Branding
If you want to make radical changes to your brand image or merely superficial changes we can refurbish and/or repaint your vehicle or plant. Visit us next time you are in Napier.

Customer Care

Electronic quoting, off site estimating, pickup and delivery of vehicles, courtesy cars available free to clients! Need more? We are also an ‘all insurance company’ and fleet work approved repairer.

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